Monday, August 3, 2009

Malacca Revisited (English Language)

For those who can’t read my recent post which is written in Malay Language, here’s some synopsis of my recent post Malacca Revisited.

As a final year student, it’s a must for me to make an appointment with my advisor for my research before I could grad for my Bachelor. So I went to Malacca to see my advisor at campus which is situated in that very middle city of Malacca. After a few days of meeting, I decided to visit a few Tourism Spot in Malacca.

At first, I went to Kampung Jawa as I was invited by my friend to eat ‘Sate’ and ‘Cendol Pulut’ there. The Sate is delicious and cheap. It’s skewered marinated beef or chicken or cockles barbequed on fire. Yummy!

Then I went to Malacca Historical Museum and Malacca Sultanate Museum which I wanted so bad to be there before. From this Museum, we can learn lot’s of precious history from our ancestors.. From the Portugal invaded history on Malacca till Malaysia (formerly known as Tanah Melayu) the independence of Malaysia.

Hope that you guys could get some info from it..

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